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Min-Ta Chuang

Name:Min-Ta Chuang

Title:Chairman / Associate Professor

Degree:Ph.D in Laws, National Taiwan Normal University.


       1. Executive Assistant to CEO, Trendgo Market Research & Consulting Co. Ltd.

       2. Manager, Trendgo Market Research & Consulting Co. Ltd.

       3. Adjunct Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University of Arts.

       4. Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Taipei.


Expertise:Social Media Marketing, Market Survey, Consumer Behavior, Business Model Analysis

Office phone number:+886 22871-8288 ext.7292




Lee, Changyen, Chun-Fa Cheng, Min-Ta Chuang, Wei-Chiefh Hsu, Yen-Hung Chen, and Kuo-Tai Cheng (2018).How transparency and accountability matter in regulating the Taiwan Water Supply Corporation, Utilities Policy, 52, 50-58. (SSCI/SCIE)

Shan, Wen-Ting and Min-Ta Chuang (2015). An Analytic Research on the Communication Strategies of Confucianism in Mainland China within the Context of Globalization: A Case Study of the Confucius Institute, Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture, 42, 9, 45-68. (A&HCI)

Chou, Wei-Hsuan and Min-Ta Chuang (2013). A Framework for "The World Café": An Empiric Study of Teaching Space, Taiwan Journal of General Education, 11, 37-66.

Chen, Wei-Chieh and Min-Ta Chuang (2012). The Discussion of Urban Democratic Governance in Taipei, Congress Monthly, 40, 7, 44-68.

Chen, Wen Cheng, Wei-Chieh Chen, Min-Ta Chuang, and Shang-Wei Wang (2011). A Contextual Analysis of the Debates on the Legitimacy of Judicial Review in America, Chengchi Law Review, 122, 83-199. (TSSCI)

Research Projects:

1. The Urban Society Quality and People Satisfaction in Taiwan Metropolitan Area (MOST 105-2410-H-845-026, principal investigator (PI): Min-Ta Chuang) (2016/08/01 – 2017/07/31)

2. Development of the planning method and governance mechanism for cross-boundary integration of cities based on global competitiveness (MOST 105-2420-H-845-001, principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu, Co-principal investigator (co-PI): Min-Ta Chuang) (2016-2017)

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