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Yu-Hsien Lin

Name:Yu-Hsien Lin

Title:Assistant Professor

Degree:Ph.D. in Business Administration, National Taipei University, Taiwan.


       1. Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Industrial Management and Marketing, University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan (Aug 2017-Present).

       2. Visiting Scholar, The University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (Nov. 2015-Feb. 2016, Jul. 2016-Oct. 2016).


Expertise:Marketing Management, E-Commerce, and Organizational Management.

Office phone number:+886-22871-8288 ext. 7061

E-mail: drlinyh@utaipei.edu.tw


Lin, Yu-Hsien* and Hsin-Chung Chen (2017, Accept ). Critical factors for enhancing green service innovation: Linking green relationship quality and green entrepreneurial orientation, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, (SSCI).

Lin, Yu-Hsien* and Yu-Shan Chen (2017). Determinants of Green Competitive Advantage: The Roles of Green Knowledge Sharing, Green Dynamic Capabilities, and Green Service Innovation, Quality and Quantity, 51, 4, 1663-1685 (SSCI). doi:10.1007/s11135-016-0358-6.

Chen, Yu-Shan*, Ching-Hsun Chang, and Yu-Hsien Lin (2014). Green Transformational Leadership and Green Performance: The Mediation Effects of Green Mindfulness and Green Self-Efficacy, Sustainability, 6, 10, 6604-6621 (SSCI). MOST 101-2410-H-305-074-MY3.

Chen, Yu-Shan*, Ching-Hsun Chang, and Yu-Hsien Lin (2014). The Determinants of Green Radical and Incremental Innovation Performance: Green Shared Vision, Green Absorptive Capacity, and Green Organizational Ambidexterity, Sustainability, 6, 11, 7787-7806 (SSCI). MOST 101-2410-H-305-074-MY3.

Chen, Yu-Shan*, Yu-Hsien Lin, Ching-Ying Lin, and Chih-Wei Chang (2015). Enhancement of Green Absorptive Ability, Green Dynamic Capacities and Green Service Innovation to Improve Firm Performance: an analysis of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Sustainability, 7, 11, 15674-15692 (SSCI).

Conference papers:

1. Chen, Yu-Shan and Yu-Hsien Lin* (2015, Feb). Improvement of Green Human Capital, Green Absorptive Capacity and Green Dynamic Capacities to achieve Green Service Innovation: an analysis of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). 3rd International Conference on Energy Systems and Technologies (ICEST 2015), Cairo, Egypt, 2015/02/16-2015/02/19.

2. Lin, Yu-Hsien, Yu-Shan, Chen, Ching-Ying Lin*, and Chih-Wei Chang (2016, Mar). Drivers of Green Competitive Advantage: Green Knowledge Sharing, Green Dynamic Capabilities, and Green Service Innovation. International Conference on Business and Management (ICBM2016), Taipei, Taiwan, 2016/03/23-2016/03/25. The Distinguished Paper Award of the 2016 International Conference on Business Management.

3. Chen, Yu-Shan and Yu-Hsien Lin* (2013, Jul). The Influences of Person-Organization Fit, Job Satisfaction, and Supportive Organizational Culture on Organizational Commitment. 2013 International Academic Conference on Social Sciences (IACSS 2013), Istanbul, Turkey, 2013/07/27-2013/07/28.

Research Project:

1. NSC Grant(106-2410-H-845-028), 2017/10/01-2018/09/30.

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