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Lih-Chyun Sun

Name:Lih-Chyun Sun

Title:Associate Professor


       1. Ph.D., Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University.

       2. M.A., Dept. of Economics, Michigan State University.

       3. B.A., Dept. of Economics, Soochow University.


       1. President, National Policy Foundation

       2. Spokesperson, Executive Yuan

       3. Vice Chairperson, Fair Trade Commission

       4. Commissioner, Fair Trade Commission

       5. Associate Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economic, National Taiwan University

       6. Lecturer, Dept. of Agricultural Economic, National Taiwan University


Expertise:Econometrics, Regional and Urban Economics, Industrial Economics,Production Economics, Resource and Environmental Economics, Fair Trade Act.

Office phone number:+886-22871-8288 ext. 7032

E-mail: sunlc@utaipei.edu.tw


Liao, Pei-An Liao, Hung-Hao Chang, Jiun-Hao Wang, and Lih-Chyun Sun (2016). What Are the Determinants of Rural-Urban Digital Inequality among Schoolchildren in Taiwan: Insights from Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition, Computers & Education, 95, 123-133. (SSCI)

Chen, I-Chun, Hung-Hao Chang, and Lih-Chyun Sun (2016). Does the Elderly Farmer Pension Program Affect Off-farm Labor Supply Decisions Made by Younger Adults in Family Farms in Taiwan? in Public Policy in Agriculture: Its Impact on Labor Supply and Household Income, edited by Ashok Mishra, Davide Viaggi and Sergio Gomezy Paloma.

Su, Yi-Ju, Hung-Hao Chang, and Li-Chyun Sun (2016). Impact of the 2008-2009 Economic Recession on Low-Economic Status Group: A Look at Household Income and Consumption of the Aborigines in Taiwan, International Journal of Economic Issues, 7, 2, 279-294. (Econlit)

Saeliw, Kannika, Li-Chyun Sun, Hung-Hao Chang (2014). Spatial Competition in the Bottled Liquefied Petroleum Gas Wholesale Market in Taiwan, Fair Trade Quarterly, 22, 3, 115-138. (TSSCI)

Liao, Pei-An, Hung-Hao Chang, Lih-Chyun Sun (2012). National Health Insurance Program and Life Satisfaction of the Elderly, Mental Health, 16, 8, 983-992. (SCI, Corresponding Author)

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